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Travel & Tourism
Travel & Tourism

majan Wings, a division of majan travel, serves as a local partner for international carriers, overseeing sales, marketing, and business continuity across various channels.

Our multinational, multilingual team ensures efficient ground handling and on-time performance for partner carriers.

FLY DUBAI - Started operations from Oct 2012, currently operating 12 daily flights from Muscat to Dubai and beyond. Managed by our dedicated Sales team, including airport operations.

AIRSIAL - Started operations from Oman in 2023 with 8 flights a week.


Key Value Propositions

Highly trained and qualified personnel

Committed to service excellence

Ground handling operations expertise

Key Partnerships:

  • Since 2012, FLY DUBAI, currently operating 12 flights per day Muscat to Dubai
  • Since 2023, AIRSIAL, currently operating 8 flights per week


Key Offerings

  • International carrier bookings
  • Airline and destination marketing


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