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Business Verticals
Business Verticals

The investment strategy of Muscat Overseas Group has always been closely aligned to the nation’s economic priorities.

Muscat Overseas Group seeks to create long-term value through investments in critical Omani and regional assets in banking & financial services, insurance & brokerage services, industrial & manufacturing, education, food & agriculture, logistics, and others.

Banking & Financial Services
  • Bank Muscat SAOG
  • Bank Dhofar SAOG
  • Al Omaniya Financial Services SAOG
  • Oman Investment & Finance Co. SAOG (OIFC)

Insurance and Brokerage Services
  • Dhofar Insurance SAOG
  • AON Majan LLC

Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Muscat Thread Mills SAOG
  • Al Tamman Indsil Ferro Chrome LLC
  • Modern Salt Industries & Trading Co. LLC
  • House of Trading & Services LLC
  • Computer Stationery Industry SAOG
  • Oman Abrasives LLC

  • Dhofar University SAOC
  • English Education Management Company LLC
  • Iskan Oman Investment Company SAOC

Food & Agriculture
  • Gulf Mushroom Products Co. SAOG
  • Dhofar Cattle Feed SAOG

  • Transworld Logistics LLC
  • Omani Integrated Logistic Services SAOC

Other Investments
  • Dhofar International Development & Investment Holding SAOG
  • Al Madina Financial & Investment Services Co. SAOC
  • Al Madina Real Estate Co. SAOC
  • Sameena Capital Investments Limited
  • Securado

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