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Business Verticals
Business Verticals

As a highly diversified enterprise, Muscat Overseas Group understands the importance of effective communication

As a highly diversified enterprise, Muscat Overseas Group understands the importance of effective communication with stakeholders, as well as the influence of traditional media and digital channels in building strong brand equity. This is clearly reflected it the group’s investments in the Media & Communications business vertical.

United Media Services LLC

Since its inception in 1988, United Media Services (UMS) LLC, based out of Muscat, has been etching its indelible mark on the media and communications industry, establishing new benchmarks and epitomizing excellence in every endeavour. As a unique integrated media and communications entity, UMS seamlessly integrates a wide array of services through its key three divisions – communications, media & events and distribution.

UMS’ Communication division prides itself on offering bespoke services that encompass strategic communication consultancy, public relations, social media management and astute print & digital media planning & buying.

UMS’ media & events division engages in publishing print magazines, running dynamic news websites, orchestrating high-impact business forums, corporate awards and managing transformative corporate events as well as website development & hosting services.

UMS' distribution division has gained recognition for distributing prominent international print publications in Oman, as well as delivering locally produced publication titles to their intended readership.

With a relentless pursuit of excellence and a forward-looking approach, UMS has not only sustained but also elevated its position in an ever-transforming media & communications landscape. It has been instrumental in shaping narratives, fostering meaningful connections, and facilitating knowledge-sharing platforms that resonate with the industry leaders. The company’s commitment to integrity, innovation, and inclusive growth has solidified its stature as a pioneering leader, continually redefining the paradigms of media and communications consultancy.


UMS Key Services & Products

Strategic Communication Consultancy

Crafting bespoke communication strategies to fortify brands, enhance visibility, and foster meaningful engagement with diverse stakeholders.


Public Relations

Building and maintaining robust public images for our clients, through tailored, impactful narratives and strategic media placements.


Social Media Management

Curating and amplifying online presence by crafting compelling content and optimizing platforms to foster engagement and brand loyalty.


Media Planning & Buying

Strategizing and executing astute media buying and planning across print and digital landscapes to maximize ROI and brand exposure.


Event Management

Orchestrating memorable and impactful events, from conception to execution, ensuring impeccable delivery that aligns with our clients’ objectives and exceeds expectations.


Digital Services

Designing and hosting visually stunning, user-centric websites & mobile apps, ensuring optimal performance, security and seamless user experiences.


Print Magazines & News Websites

Publishing insightful and compelling content across print and digital platforms including Oman Economic Review (OER),, Alam Al-Iktisaad,, Dossier, Al Mar’a and Signature, etc. informing and engaging diverse audiences with relevant, timely narratives.


Organizing Business Forums and Corporate Awards

Organizing influential live platforms including New Age Banking Summit, OER Summit, Oman Forum, Alam Al-Iktisaad Awards, DX Oman, Dossier Construction Awards, Al Mar’a Summit & Awards and Signature Luxury 100 and many more that celebrates excellence, facilitate knowledge-sharing and nurture networks among industry leaders, innovators and stakeholders.


Media Distribution Services

Partnership with leading regional and international media companies for distributing their publications in Oman.


Key Clients

Navigating through the intricate realms of various industries, UMS proudly serves a mosaic of clientele that encompasses government bodies, industry associations and a multitude of business groups and large companies spanning a broad spectrum of sectors. Our esteemed clients are from sectors including banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, oil & gas, power, energy, auto, durables, non-durables, wellness, logistics, investments, retail, luxury, construction, technology, etc. UMS cherishes collaborative partnerships with entities that drive economies, shape markets, and influence consumer behaviours, contributing towards a pulsating, vibrant business ecosystem.

Responsible Corporate Citizen

UMS is committed towards a future enriched with sustainable and innovative practices, intricately woven into our core business ethos. In unwavering support of Oman Vision 2040, our focus amplifies sustainability, innovation and fostering inclusive growth through a determined commitment to In Country Value (ICV) generation. We champion talent development, nurturing local expertise and empowering the workforce, thereby driving Oman's prosperity and aligning with the nation’s ambitious strategic goals.

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