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Leadership and Distribution
Leadership and Distribution

MOAC is an undisputed pioneer in the organized agriculture sector in the Sultanate of Oman. Established in 1974, MOAC has steadily retained its position at the forefront of new developments and technological advances in this critical sector.

The company has delivered a number of successful projects with exceptional return on investment. MOAC has brought to the country a number of innovative equipment and techniques to raise agricultural yield and efficiency.


Key Value Propositions

Rich expertise and experience built over nearly 50 years

Staffed by trained personnel and technical specialists

Extensive knowledge of land, soil types and cultivation techniques in Oman

Key Offerings

  • Farming community education initiatives
  • High-yield seed varieties for increases production
  • Disease-resistant and disease tolerant seeds
  • Chemical and non-chemical pest control methods
  • Range of fertilizers for different soils and crops
  • Machinery for maintaining lawn and play grounds
  • Tools for beautification and maintenance of garden and lawns


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