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Agriculture & Farming
Agriculture & Farming

The name behind several prestigious public spaces, AMECO, specializes in a range of end-to-end solution in irrigation, landscaping, gardening, and allied construction work. The company’s projects leverage modern techniques and planning to create manicured spaces that blend-in with the natural landscape. AMECO’s multidisciplinary team is experienced on projects across the length and breadth of the country – from the coast and valleys, to the mountain top.


Key Value Propositions

Constructed major public parks in Rustaq and Buraimi

Executed landscaping at Muscat International Airport

Delivered multiple international-size football pitches across Oman

Installed modern irrigation networks from Barka to Musannah, and on Jebel Akhdar

Key Offerings

  • Construction of public parks
  • Creating signature landscaping projects
  • Construction of irrigation systems
  • Construction of world-class sports grounds


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