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Muscat Overseas Group

To be renowned globally for business integrity and excellence, and trusted at home as a valued partner in the progress of Oman.


To consistently set new benchmarks in corporate governance, operational excellence, human capital development, and social investment.


These are the principles that power our business ventures -- and guide our actions as individuals and teams.

INTEGRITY is at the core of who we are.

We believe in putting principles before profit. Honesty, transparency and uncompromising corporate ethics underpin our every action.

EXCELLENCE defines what we do.

We are driven by the desire to be the best in what we do. Our success in every sphere of business is built on delivering tangible value.

PARTNERSHIP represents the way we operate.

We approach business in a spirit of collaboration -- whether it is between internal teams, with our customers, associates or society.

TRUST is our most-valued goal and reward.

We believe in building an unshakable brand reputation. Dependability, consistency and quality are key attributes throughout our enterprise.

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